New Algorithms For A Humane And Just World.

The thought I started with was

"What would happen if you combined the Hackers Manifesto with the 10 Point Program?"

Anthony Tyrone Howard - Founder

Because of political and racial bias the common narrative about the Black Panthers is often one framed as violent revolutionaries when at the root of the movement was a set of philosophies that have more in common with social engineering than guerilla warfare.

The Black Panthers Ten-Point Program was designed to serve a community that was otherwise ignored by America.

The Program has been has been described as such:

The ten-point platform was important for the Black Panther Party because it laid out the “physical needs and all the philosophical principles” they expected and that could be understood by everyone.  This platform was essential to the party, because it allowed for them to state their wants, needs, and beliefs that people could read and easily understand. [3]

In addition, the idea of what a “Hacker” is has be largely distorted by popular culture and mass media. Typically, we see hackers on film or in primetime as either malevolent or benevolent actors in a digital world that most people fully don’t understand. 

If you read A Hackers Manifesto, you’ll see  it’s more to do with the freedom of information and the expansion of knowledge than with how many bank accounts. mainframes, credit cards, or social media networks that can be disrupted. 

It’s my goal with Breaking the Code to take inspiration from these examples to forge something new and revolutionary. I want to insure children of color have access to this new exciting world and not to carry the legacy of Jim Crow into the digital world of the 20th Century. 


Utilizing Future-focused Technology

Growing up in North Philadelphia I never forgot the impact that active and passive mentors in my community had on my development and my love of art and history. Most of my personal work and a good deal of my professional life involved education in some way or the other. Over the past few years, I’ve worked on programs that would directly target and benefit youth in underserved communities starting with my own in North Philadelphia. It’s an obsession of mine to create awareness of the opportunities

in advertising and technology to young men and women of color. I’ve worked with some amazing and talented people over the years and look forward to forging new partnerships in the future with this goal in mind.

To that extent I designed Breaking the Code to expose student to future-focused technology like Emotiv’s Brain/Computer interface or how Augmented reality can be used to expand digital experiences.